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For your safety wearing a helmet whilst cycling is compulsory in Australia.

All bikes come with a helmet, key lock and a handlebar bag or basket

Our bike range

Beach Cruisers

26″ Easy ride single geared cruisers ideal for casual rides sightseeing our wonderful coast. Bikes have pedal brakes and comfortable seats. These bikes suit both adults and children from 14yo+ and novice to experienced riders. These bikes are an ideal choice if you have not biked before or it has been a long time or you just want to experience a laid back ride taking in the sights.

Mountain Bikes

Seven geared hybrid/mountain bike ideal for the casual bike rider who would like to do some more serious exploring. Bikes have hand brakes, suspension and comfortable seats. Bikes are suitable for adults. These bikes are an ideal choice if you have biked before and are comfortable with a geared bike.

Fat Tyre Mountain Bikes

Wide Ride – goes where other bikes can’t! Fat Tires means you can ride on grass, dirt and hard sand, these bad boys are ready for action. 26″ x 4″ Fat wheels & tyres, disk brakes, Dual Suspension, 7 speeds.

Tandem Bikes

A fun way to explore the coast together – you will have hours of fun working together and exploring the fabulous coastline. They are ideal for a romantic ride – have a picnic at one of the coast’s magnificent parks or spend the day chilling with a friend. Suitable for adults and children aged 13+.

Children’s Bikes

We have three sizes of children’s bikes suitable for primary school aged children: 16″; 20″ and 24″. Our smallest bike (16″) is available with or without training wheels.


We also have a range or bike accessories to help your entire family enjoy their bike experience.

Tagalong Bike

Get on your Bike tagalong bike attaches to an adult bike. A great option for parents with children 4-6 who do not want to ride independently. With its own pedals and handlebar the tagalong bike allows kids to participate in the bike ride rather than being a passenger.

Tagalong Trailer

The tagalong trailer suits two  infants (1 – 3 years, up to a total of 40kg) and attaches to an adult bike. A great option for younger kids.

Child Seat

Small infants and babies love this seat. It is safe, secure and very comfortable. Suitable for 22kg and infants between the age of 10 months and two years.

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